The poster is currently sold out!

We are awaiting our next printing. New stock is expected by the end of summer. Currently we have dent and dings only on sale.

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Dent and Ding Poster | non-laminated
$6.95 + shipping

The same Home Brewer’s Formulary Poster, but these were ‘custom modified’ (damaged) in shipping. There is some pretty heavy folding at one end or the other, but the poster is still all legible.

LIMITED QUANTITY. $5 off – A great deal!

2 Dent and Ding Posters | while they last
$11.95 + shipping

Special pricing on a pair of the slightly damaged posters. Save on shipping and price. Some edges will be folded or creased, but the poster is still all legible.

SPECIAL SUMMER SALE! Half the price of regular posters.

The Home Brewer’s Formulary Poster – out of stock
$11.95 + shipping

This is the original, real-deal poster. It’s a full color print on glossy, 100# paper.