The Poster is on Summer Hiatus!

We’re sorry to say that we’ve reached the end of the current printing, and we’re going to enjoy a bit of summer while we queue up the next run. We still have Dent and Ding posters for sale, while supplies last.

We expect the poster will come back on sale by late August – check back here for updates.


If you’re a home brewer, a pro brewer, or you just love beer, the Home Brewer’s Formulary Poster was made for you.  If you know someone else who fits this description, this is the perfect gift for them.

A formulary is a collection (often a book) of formulas for use in a technical undertaking. The Home Brewer’s Formulary is a poster showing a collection of formulas, charts, graphs and other info used in a typical home brewery.  It is also an attractive color poster about beer and beer making for brewers, homebrewers and beer enthusiasts.

home brewer’s formulary poster total imageClick here for a closer look.


Brewing is said to be both a science and an art. The Formulary gives you both. Graphs, charts and tables float in front of a stained-glass window, like you might see in an old world pub. Each of the window’s 22 large panes contains one or more illustration, graph, chart, table or formula. The illustrations are designed to be easy to read quickly.

Each poster is printed on heavy, glossy paper in full color. It measures 23″ by 35″ and is suitable for framing or laminating – it really is!